May 6, 2016

Spring + Summer Menu

The season is here for fresh foods. This is why our Chefs have created an amazing seasonal menu for you to enjoy. We’re excited to announce that our new Spring + Summer Menu is available at every Piada location!

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May 2, 2016

Mother's Day // 2016

We think moms are a big deal here at Piada and we want to celebrate them this Mother's Day. Show your mom some love - get her a FREE meal by making her a card and...

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April 11, 2016

Farmer's Market Salad

It’s been a long winter away from one of your favorite meals, but our Chefs are eager to serve one of our summer favorites again! We’re happy to announce that the Gluten-Free, Farmer’s Market Salad will be available at every Piada location starting May 1st until the end of summer...

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March 14, 2016


When you come in to Piada to order our calamari – its specially made for you. Every time. The squid we serve is found between 600 to 2,200 feet deep off the shores of Peru. They’re caught with a hook and line in the wild and have no added hormones or antibiotics...

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December 8, 2015

Fresh Salmon

Every morning, the Chef skins and fillets the salmon. It’s kept cold, but never frozen. The salmon is coated with extra virgin olive oil, grilled and then topped with a lemon pepper seasoning...

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November 2, 2015


Dear Meatball Fan,We just didn’t know. We knew the meatball was good, and that you liked it, but we didn't know how much. Until it went away. We figured - who wants a meatball during the summer? Answer – you did. Lesson learned and we apologize...

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September 21, 2015


Do you ever wonder why some recipes just taste so darn good? We happen to know the secret and want to share it with you. Here it is...

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September 10, 2015


We love fresh food. And we love supporting local farms. Recently, Chef Matt (our head culinary chef), Chef Jorge (Regional Market Partner) and Chef Andrew (head chef at Piada Easton) stopped by the Easton Farmer’s Market in Columbus, Ohio and purchased produce from Roger Graves’ Yankee Street Farm...

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