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August 14, 2020

“Seeing others succeed makes me happy to know I've had a part in helping out, that I’ve made some sort of impact on their lives. I’m a hands-on leader and I try to lead by example. I’m all about showing you what to do, letting you try it, and if you fail, being there to pick you up.”

It's difficult to give Chef Will a proper intro. He’s an amazing leader, mentor and asset to the team. Will is the cream of the crop and we’re incredibly lucky to have him. Although we’re proud Will has been a Piada Partner for seven years, we’re even more proud to have an individual on our team with a heart as big as his.

Will’s work ethic is unmatched. In fact, he’s one of our longest-standing and highest-performing Partners at Piada. He won the coveted “Most Passionate Chef” award in 2018 because of his passion for growing his people and his business.

Will is a transformative leader in his restaurant and takes pride in coaching and developing the skills of his Team Members. During Will’s time with Piada he’s learned how to grow his business and become a problem-solver.

“I've always been business minded - even as a kid. During my career at Piada, I’ve been challenged to learn what makes my business tick. I pretty much have taken a crash course on business, and I didn’t even realize it.”

Running a business isn’t an easy task, but year after year Will continues to act as a role model and mentor for his Team and other Chefs in the Cleveland market.

“I stay motivated because of all the fresh opportunities and challenges that we face in the restaurant each day. I have to give props to my wife because she's my backbone and helps me get through the difficult moments. She always reminds me exactly why I do this - to see my team thrive and impact others.”

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