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May 28, 2021

We’re bee-lighted to introduce our new limited time beverage — Honey Melon Acqua Fresca. Made with fresh lime, juicy rockmelon and locally-sourced honey, we’ve bee-lovedly named our newest drink “the sip of the summer”.

The standout ingredient — honey — is what makes this drink so unique. As we developed and tested our newest recipe over the last three months, sourcing local ingredients from neighboring farms remained top of mind for us. We are incredibly proud to feature honey from six local farms, located in each of our operating states:

Ohio: Stein's Honey
Minnesota: Natural American Foods
Texas: Honey Texas Farmland Local
Pennsylvania: Maple Valley Farms
Indiana: Eisele and Sweet Life Honey Farm

The honeys used to sweeten our newest beverage all look a bit different in color, and it’s one of the things we love most about our Honey Melon Acqua Fresca. Each drink is unique and tied to local pollen available in each region, making every sip that much sweeter.

Coming this June, we’ll share an in-depth look into our Stein’s Honey Farm visit, including the ins-and-outs of bee farming, and maybe (probably) a few bee-related puns.

Our new Piada Gives partner, GLSEN, will receive 10% of every Honey Melon Acqua Fresca sold through the end of July. An unbee-lievably refreshing way to support meaningful work in our communities, order Honey Melon Acqua Fresca online or at any Piada location today.

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