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May 20, 2021

Meet Angela Isenbart. If you’ve ever visited one of our Dayton, OH locations, chances are you’ve seen Angela, perfectly packaging catering orders with a smile on her face, always ready to lend a helping hand. She’s also an amazing mother, a proud Military wife, kick-ass Karate master and die-hard Daytonian.

Angela began her Piada journey back in 2013 as a Team Member, when she helped to open our Beavercreek location. She was inspired by the fresh food and made-to-order recipes, and was quickly promoted to Supervisor.

“I’m an Italian grandma, and when people come to my house I want them to have good quality food. When I joined Piada I said ‘this is my house now.’ I’m proud to serve our food.”

As a catering coordinator, Angela has the opportunity to personally connect with her community and share our food with tons of Guests. Her favorite part of her job is when she walks into a room with a catering order.

“I always feel like I’m bringing the party. When you walk in and everyone lights up, and you see that you’ve made everyone happy and excited, it's perfect. That’s the exact moment that makes me love my job.”

Angela also loves that it’s all-hands-on-deck for catering orders. She has the privilege of working with all sorts of people in our stores to get meals together.

“From the Chef making sure I have the supplies, to the Team Members on the line helping me prepare items, to the Dishwasher that comes out and holds the door for me while I load my car… we get it done as a Team from start to finish.”

Angela isn’t just a treasured member of our Team, she’s also an important part of the greater Dayton community. Her husband is in the Army and her family has lived all over the place: Texas, Kansas, Georgia, Ohio, Colorado… Of all the places she’s lived, her favorite has been Dayton.

“If I could live anywhere I’d still live in Dayton. The Air Force is an important part of our family history so we love to visit the Air Force Museum. My grandfather flew in a B-24 in World War 2, so to show my son that plane in-person and teach him those lessons is really special.”

And when she’s not touring the museum with her family, she’s kicking butt in a dojo. Angela is a second generation black belt in Karate, and working towards her 2nd degree black belt too. Karate has taught Angela a lot — not just about how to kick and punch, but life lessons that she’s applied to her daily life.

“It’s not just about the physical benefits like flexibility, strength, control and breathing. It’s also about the confidence, learning that I can take a hit, that I can stand up and overcome things that scare me. I just need to stop, take that cleansing breath like I do in class, refocus and go at it.”

Angela worked hard to master the art and overcome these barriers.

“I was really nervous when I started because I’d always told myself that ‘I may love sports, but I'm not an athlete myself’... but I was wrong! I kept practicing with my family and kept getting better. My family has three generations of black belts now.”

This is all to say that Angela’s family is what makes her the happiest. From the time they spend together learning about history, to the afternoons they spend sparring, they find meaningful ways to make memories together.

“My family is my rock. They drive me, they keep me going, they give me purpose, they are my support.”

Given everything she’s accomplished and all of the wonderful things she does that give her life color, Angela’s learned to live life by this motto:

“Don’t take anything for granted, and do what makes you happy.”

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