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April 15, 2021

Meet Chef Andrew Easterday. He’s one of our longest tenured Chefs, an amazing father and a bourbon connoisseur. He joined the company 10 years ago and earned his way from Team Member to Partner, working at different Piada locations all over Columbus along the way. Nowadays, you’ll find him leading the Piada Dublin-Sawmill team. He’s a talented Chef and a great leader, and for that we’re lucky to have Andrew on our Team.

Andrew’s learned a lot in the last decade. When he first started he had no clue that he was setting the foundations for what would be a long and successful career.

“When I first started at Piada I was in my twenties. I didn’t know anything about management at all. Piada has really given me the skills and opportunities to develop myself and become a strong leader in the company. That’s something I really treasure - you can’t just find that anywhere.”

The ample opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally, have kept Chef Andrew engaged and fulfilled during his time with the company. Not only has he been able to work hard and reap the rewards, he’s had the pleasure of helping others develop and thrive as well.

“Training Team Members and Chefs, and also having the freedom to develop myself, has been really special. I’ve worked with all kinds of people from all different kinds of backgrounds, all in different spots in their careers. It’s been a unique experience and I’ve taken away so much. It’s very rewarding.”

When he’s not behind the line, chances are you’ll find Chef Andrew spending time with his wife and son. He’s a family-man through and through, and has loved watching his son grow and learn new things.

“I’ve lived in Columbus for years. Recently, I moved back up to the city of Delaware just north of Columbus. I grew up there, and now I’m raising my son there, and it’s just very cool that it’s come full circle.”

For Andrew, time well-spent with his family is the best part of life; quality time and making memories are what it’s all about.

“Nothing gets better than a Blue Jackets hockey game, a glass of bourbon, and time with my family. Hanging in the backyard, pushing my kid on the swing, exploring nature with him.. that’s what happiness is. Recently my dad and I have been fixing up my house too. That’s been really fulfilling: working with my hands and learning new trades, and spending time with my dad.”

Making his family proud is Andrew’s biggest motivator. He takes pride in being a positive role model for his son.

“One of the coolest things is when my son comes into the restaurant with my parents or my wife, and he’s like, ‘Daddy! This is Daddy’s restaurant!’ You know, he recognizes that this is my career and my living. That’s what drives me.”

And when he’s not too busy being #1 Dad, he’s drinking, collecting, and distilling some seriously amazing whiskey. Chef Andrew has a love for the craft of a fine barrel proof bourbon.

“I make it in my garage in these small charred barrels. Usually I age it for three years minimum. I've always used the darkest char when I make my own because in Kentucky they say that makes the best bourbon. Aside from what I make myself, I have dozens of unopened bottles in my collection. My favorite is the bottle of Blanton’s dumped on the day my son was born. I’ve set that one aside for his 21st birthday for us to share.”

We’re lucky to have Chef Andrew on our team. His passion for his family, his craft, and his career, are apparent to anyone who meets him. Next time you see Chef Andrew at Piada Dublin-Sawmill say hello and congratulate him on everything he’s accomplished!

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