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Piada Spotlight | Sabre Adkins

January 11, 2022

Meet Sabre Adkins

A talented musician, multi-sport athlete and natural born leader determined to make a lasting impact on the world— Piada Hyde Park’s Chef Sabre is truly one-of-a-kind!

Born and raised in Dublin, Ohio, Sabre drew much of her inspiration early on from her mom and her deep appreciation for all things music. Sabre quickly picked up the cello, playing in the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra for ten years all while mastering new instruments along the way.

Eager for an adventure post-college, Sabre moved from Dublin to Cincinnati in 2018 with her best friend and instantly vibed with the city’s sense of community.

“There is so much history and depth to this city. The architecture is absolutely beautiful. It feels well rounded, diverse and whole.”

Today, Sabre still plays the cello, guitar and produces her own music. You can find Sabre performing in popular venues around Cincinnati including The Mockbee, an underground Downtown music venue.

Sabre’s talents don’t stop with music. She was also a college athlete, joining Bowling Green State University’s Golf team in undergrad and has continued her love for the sport, finding a home at the Ivy Hills Country Club close to her Hyde Park neighborhood.

After moving to Cincinnati, Sabre found her passion for the restaurant industry, specifically around the importance of food safety. She was recruited to Piada by friends, first joining the team as a Supervisor at our Hyde Park restaurant before quickly moving up into Chef status.

“Piada hires the right people. It’s truly a team environment, and not just at Hyde Park. When I talk to someone from another restaurant, I feel like I’ve known them for years. Everyone here at Piada is so cool.”

Determined to never stop growing, both professionally and personally, Sabre credits her drive all the way back to the beginning.

“We have a lot of successful people in my family and they’ve given so much to me. My mom is a single mom. Growing up in Dublin, it was tough. She gave me as much as she could and didn’t fail. Giving back to my family is my biggest motivation.”

When talking with Sabre on her outlook on life, she signed off with a few words of wisdom:

“I’ve been focusing on the moment at hand instead of worrying about the past or the future. I get sad sometimes and I focus on the negative about things and can get stuck in this cyclical rhythm. I have been trying to focus on every good thing that happened throughout the day. Five good things balance out ten bad things. If I focus more on the happy, I’ll have a good day.”

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